Story of Kitchen

Kitchen, is no longer a woman's world, but a place that creates sweet memories.

Cooking brings families together. A happy family usually spends time together.

Every tool inside JAYA MATA kitchen set represents a member inside a family.

A father is just like a "chopping knife" in a family. He is the one who makes all the important decisions.

Slicing Knife is like the eldest sibling in a family. He/ She is the role model for the younger siblings.

Older sister is just like a knife, helps eldest brother to look after other younger brothers and sisters.

Cute little sister is just like a fruit knife in the family who always bring sweetness and happiness to the family.

Scissors is not always used, but is still very important.

Grandparents just like a peeler, always work perfectly well and make jobs easier.

Mother is just like a sharpening stone, get herself sharpened to support others.

Every tool inside this kitchen set is just like every member within a family. Everyone is indispensable.