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Visit iconic landmarks and historical sites that showcase Melaka's rich heritage. The Jonker Street Night Market operates every weekend from Friday to Sunday. Dive into malacca history and culture by visiting its renowned museums, including heritage centre, each offering a fascinating journey through time. Experience the artistry of blades at Jaya Mata Malaysia Knife Gallery melaka museum, tourist spots, Points of interest, popular sights, landmark historical places, cultural hotspots, Iconic attractions, must-see places, a one-of-a-kind attraction showcasing a diverse collection of exceptional knives.

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Jaya Mata Malaysia Knife Gallery is the place to rediscover history of knives, swords and scissors from ancient times to the present, and have the opportunity to appreciate the local knife culture.

Our Vision and Mission

Bringing together the world’s knife tecnology and uplifting the spirit of local craftsmanship. We go global while not forgetting the foremost initiative.



Jonker Walk, also known as Jonker Street Night Market, is undeniably one of the best places to visit in Melaka. As a vibrant hub of culture and commerce, it epitomizes the rich tapestry of Malacca's places of interest. This bustling street offers an array of Melaka attractions, from mouthwatering local delicacies to unique souvenirs and antique treasures. Amidst the hustle and bustle, visitors can explore Melaka Museum, delving into the city's fascinating history and heritage. Whether strolling through the lively night market or immersing oneself in the city's diverse attractions, Jonker Walk is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in Melaka for an unforgettable experience.



This multipurpose space can be used to host cooking classes as well as other events such as seminars and workshops. Get in touch with us to make booking.

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JAYA MATA MALAYSIA KNIFE GALLERY (at Jonker Street Night Market)
104 & 106, Jalan Tokong (Jonker Street), Kampung Tiga, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 6-281 0002

Monday : 10am - 7pm
Tuesday : 10am - 7pm
Wednesday : 10am - 7pm
Thursday : 10am - 7pm
Friday : 10am - 10pm
Saturday : 10am - 10pm
Sunday : 10am - 10pm


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