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- 6½" Chopper Knife

- 7½" Cleaver Knife

- 6" Slicer Knife

- 4½" Utility Knife

- 9" Kitchen Scissor

- Peeler

- 8" Sharpening Stone

- Knife Rack (Equipped with knife sharpener)


•  PTFE and PFOA free.

•  Ceramic base coating and ceramic top coating.

•  IH compatible structure:-

      1. Allow to use in magnetic induction due to its stainless steel plate in bottom.

      2. Provides excellent energy efficiency when used in induction. (Minimizing heat loss)

      3. Prevents discoloration and allow to use for a long time. 

•  Eco-friendly - Environmentally friendly coating materials used in manufacturing process.

•  Economical - Coating used provides excellent durability, tough and long lasting.

•  Easy cooking - Sensible design and function helps you to cook and enjoy your food more.

•  Super easy to clean - Due to its ceramic coating, it is super easy to clean.

•  Healthy - Cook with less oil.

•  Ideal for home, hawker, hotel and restaurant use.


•  Knife type: Chopper

•  Color coded knife - prevent cross contamination.

•  Safety cover designed for safety, portable and hygiene purpose. 

•  A hole in the end of blade allow to easily hung on a rack.

•  Tenderizer designed handle - to tender and pound ingredients easily.

•  Ergonomically designed and comfortable handle which provides great comfort.

•  Ideal for home, office, hawker, restaurant, hotel and outdoor activity use.


•  Pocket stone - portable.

•  Single-sided - for honing purpose.

•  Suit use for the materials with high hardness. 

•  Ideal for sharpening kitchen tools, gardening tools and other plantation blades such as oil palm chisels and sickle.

•  Consistent performance.

•  Fit to use with water.

•  Professional grade sharpening stones for chef knives and oil palm harvesting tools.